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Competitive Owl-based rust removal game. Created for the first Shanty Jam at The University of Alabama in Huntsville. Theme: Crusty.

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Doug's Existential Potato Paradox

There is a spud inside us all. . . Created in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 35. Theme: Shapeshift. Inspiration for our newest project, Potato Paradox Plus!

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Lazer Bread Visual Storytelling Engine

Focus on your writing your characters. Spend more time creating your worlds. Making narrative games has never been easier; if you can write a screenplay, you can write a game. No programming required!

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Potato Paradox Plus

Through Corporate Conspiracy, College Finals, and a Spudtacular Experiment, Can Doug find a job that doesn't involve flipping patties? Probably not. Potato Paradox Plus is a 90's Cartoon Adventure game with a psychological twist.

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By zbotman

We at Lazer Bread love us some game jams. Nothing is more satisfying than strategically excreting a tiny little idea nugget, executed over the course of a few days, directly into the internet aether. Add some red bulls and plenty of pizza and you get a recipe for a weekend full of joy, learning, and mild discomfort caused by merge conflicts.

That being said, our next game jam will be the BUTTERSCOTCH SHENANIJAM on June 8th! We are planning to work locally with the After Hours Game Developer group in Huntsville, AL, and we will be around on the butterscotch discord channel. If you are in the Huntsville area and have roughly an entire weekend to kill, come on by! We would love to make games with/near you, no matter how stinky we all get. Make sure to get some sleep!

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