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Potato Paradox Plus

Travel through time at minimum wage in Potato Paradox Plus, a visual novel about college, burn out, and deep fried taters. Coming to Steam in 2020!

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Explore the mysterious underwater ruins of ancient civilization. Made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 36. Theme: "Ancient Technology"

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Competitive Owl-based rust removal game. Created for the first Shanty Jam at The University of Alabama in Huntsville. Theme: Crusty.

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Leaf Defender

Fire-fighting stick bug action game with procedural levels. Made in 72 hours for Butterscotch Shenanijam 2018. Themes: "Sticky Justice" and "Burn it down".

Lazer Bread Log

Potato Paradox Plus Reveal And Potato Critter Creation Contest

lazerbread - Oct. 2, 2018

After a few hard months of writing, drawing, and programming up a potatoey storm, we are excited to give the world a first look at Potato Paradox Plus! As our first feature length title (read, not a game jam game) this is a huge step for the studio! If you are in Atlanta on October 5th-7th, stop by SIEGE Con and play the game for yourself!

On top of showing off the game, we are going to have a little fun! Adulthood sucks, so why not be a kid again? At SIEGE this year, we are giving out potatoes and craft kits so that you can build your own rad potato creature. To join in on the fun, grab a potato and some craft supplies and make a critter! Share your creation with us on twitter @lazerbreadgames with the hashtag #PotatoParadoxPlus. The person with the sweetest spud will get there very own virtual creature, A TAMAGOTCHI PET. Being a parent is hard work and means some long nights, so included with your new minion is a case of Red Bull energy drinks.

We'll be retweeting potatoes all weekend, and we will announce the coolest creation on Sunday via twitter, so make sure to keep an eye out! Can't wait to see everyone at SIEGE!

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